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I need you



I walk in your footsteps

The voice spread like an oil stain,

that this Director liked to work with me, he was saying around that it was like sailing with good winds.

Good publicity, he wasn’t only an experienced Director, but also Chief of Design, Chief of Scenography, Chief of Graphics.
All at once I could hear strange voices in our office, how that production had an added value. Everything became delirious on many levels.
The one I heard say “disgusting” was suddenly in pole position, she was chosen as teacher for a young assistant who was trendy, blond, and so on.

OK, everything was finished. But then, I heard that it was too much work even on Saturdays and Sundays and maybe I could help. So the first available Saturday I took the train and got out just in time.

I didn’t go directly to the set, but to the directing-van and began to clean my tools. I didn’t want other perfumes or molecules to disturb the direct connection I could have with my Director.
I wanted the executive to become nervous and call me, but the door of the van opened, he didn’t look at me, he looked towards his future and said

“Now I’m free ! Free to leave, everything behind me, go to Hungary and find my folks… or something else, what do you say?”
“Better something else, in my opinion!”

Just recording on Sunday, it ran perfectly, always -good first take-.
The day finished early and we had time to look at each other.
I was joking, he too, but with a blondie who was working with us. He didn’t brush her with a finger and when he looked at me his hazel eyes turned into a whirl, they were spotted with tumultuous ocean green like an unbridled thunderstorm he couldn’t control.
In that way I knew it wasn’t finished at all and I flew home.
I lived in a loft in the middle of a lush garden that was home for thousands of birds, very loud especially between 5 and 8 in the morning and evening.
The room was built with holistic measures, which imprison and amplify the sounds. I experienced my voice there and the birds’ trills were filtered through that space.
The radiologist measured the electromagnetism and certified that the ambience was equally pure as a natural wood.

Adria Nabekle

I had taken time off between the weekends. I wanted to prepare the calm of my voice. I said to myself that Saturday would come quickly.

But the next day in the afternoon the phone rang
“Beautiful to hear your voice, are you living in an aviary? It has to be so, hearing the trills, this is an aviary.”

During his funeral a friend of his told me that they got in touch as young men because they used to breed singing birds.

“Get your luggage, tomorrow evening you’re here and you work with me!”
“I can’t do without your connection anymore, everyone knows that you are taking the job into your hands.”
“Do you know what this means for me in my team? War! Please resist, I will be next to you soon.”
“I don’t accept any compromises, don’t want to lose a minute anymore, hurry up!”

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